The Commiserators / 8PM

The Commiserators"It's getting hard to tell my kids there's no such thing as monsters anymore"…South Jersey's Commiserators perform the original rock and roll music of songwriter John J Falco. Backed by the steady hands of his musical cell mates, Falco delivers wry impactful songs that speak to the struggles and joys of the blue collar man, as well as the drudgery of the routine and the overdue bills. Share the rhythm of the South Jersian lore. Commiserate with us.

Canadian Invasion / 7PM

Canadian InvasionM&Ms, Faulkner and Lou Reed are undeniably American, and all serve as some sort of passion or inspiration for Philadelphia’s Canadian Invasion. It is understandably odd, therefore, that a band deeply rooted in all things American would chose a name empowering our neighbors from the North. While the band refrains from jumping on the pop-culture bandwagon, the reason for this five-piece and its moniker help explain the musical messages the band hopes to convey.

“I’m proud to say that we’ve had the band name even before the South Park movie, and while it’s a pretty silly name, it has really encapsulated what the band is about,” says vocalist and guitarist, Andy Canadian. “Our songs are a satirical assault on American ‘values’. We call ourselves ‘America’s last line of defense against the evil Canadian socialist empire’s pernicious ideology of cheap health care and gun control.’”

A satirical combination of rollicking bass, drums and guitar, Andy Canadian, Jim Foley (bass), George Groves (drums), Eric Miller (lead guitar) and Chris Morita (guitar, backing vocals) continually trek across the East Coast, sharing the stage with legends such as David Bowie, The Stones and Lou Reed himself. Canadian Invasion uses its deceitful brand to emphasize what they believe fellow suburbanites feel on their latest album, Three Cheers for the Invisible Hand.

“Our songs are about how the suburbs are a non-place, negatively defined as not-the-city and not-the-country,” says Canadian. “The characters in our songs float listlessly through a world they don’t feel a part of, grasping at anything around them that might give them an identity. The album title is a commentary on how this kind of situation came to be. The ‘invisible hand’ of progress and equilibrium has brought our characters to desperate, ghost-like existences, ones they feel incapable of changing.”

With inspiration from classics like The Beatles and REM mixed with the more modern sounds of Wilco and Okkervil River, Andy Canadian points out, “As much as we want to be John Lennon or Michael Stipe, we want to be Raymond Carver and David Lynch. We want catchy pop songs that remind you that your life is fairly absurd.”

“I am always fascinated with people like Martin Luther King and Einstein who have the courage to lead extraordinary lives and artists like Bob Dylan and Freddie Mercury who make extraordinary statements,” says Foley. “I am always inspired by those who really truly love music as an art form rather than a means to an end.”

Megan Knight / 6PM

Megan KnightMegan Knight is a new up and coming Muscle Shoals, AL recording artist from Southern New Jersey. Knight is a singer/songwriter with a love for all genres of music.

Megan released her first self-titled EP in September, 2012; which quickly caught the attention of a producer in Muscle Shoals, AL. Within a month of releasing her EP, she went on her first ‘road trip’ to Muscle Shoals to meet with her current producer, singer/songwriter Gary Nichols. Gary is the lead singer of the Grammy nominated bluegrass band, The Steeldrivers. He first heard of Megan through a local New Jersey friend, Gene Stevenson, who spotted Megan playing at a private party in August of 2012.

Knight has just completed recording her first full length album, in Muscle Shoals, which she is anxiously awaiting to debut. Great opportunities are on the horizon for this young and passionate artist.

Hotsy Totsy / 5PM

Hotsy TotsyHotsy Totsy started as an a cappella Andrews Sisters tribute trio assembled to accompany a World War II exhibit brought in to the Tropicana Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ in 2001. The girls proved so popular that, what was supposed to be a one month stint, ended up extending through seven. At the close of their final contract, the girls decided they had too good a thing going to let it go; thus, Hotsy Totsy was born. 

  Fast forward to the present. Hotsy Totsy has expanded beyond the initial Andrews Sisters specialty and found their niche as a reto-pop novelty act.  While they still enjoy performing nostalgic hits of days gone by, they now pen original tunes evocative of that golden age, as well as reinvent today's chart toppers to sound reminiscent of yesterday's favorites. They have crafted a signature "Hotsy" sound and style that takes everything that made the girl groups of the 40s, 50s, and 60s so delicious, and makes it relevant in today's music scene.

  Hotsy Totsy. More than peachy keen.

The Once Was / 4PM

The Once WasHailing from Moorestown, New Jersey, The Once Was is an eclectic four-piece indie rock band descending from the creative zealot that is the home recording studio. Collaborating existential lyrical themes with progressive indie-pop rhythms, the band brings an energetic and surprising live show to audiences and enthusiasts alike. In March of 2009 the band released their debut full length album "Post War Parade." Based on a shoestring budget leftover from local gigging, the band independently produced their album at Studio 4 in Philadelphia.

The Unstoppable Hack Beats / 3PM

The Unstoppable Hack BeatsUnstoppable. That's how you describe the six-piece sound of a group that brings a soul-band attitude to classic rock, ska, and reggae tunes. Moving fluidly between Motown and Kingston, the Hack Beats are known for their colorful energy and blue-collar work ethic. This band puts the "work" in "working musicians," sharing bills with big-name acts and holding their own. Packed with punchy vocals, a groove-dealing rhythm section, and a snarling guitar lineup, they deliver good times for audiences of all ages

Joy Ike / 2PM

Joy IkeIn her 3rd full-length album, independent artist Joy Ike offers her most realized work yet - All or Nothing– 10 songs about giving up everything you have in exchange for everything you need. Not yet a veteran, but more than a newcomer, Ike is and always has been an anomaly. As a singer/songwriter who purposefully refuses to be pigeon-holed into any one specific genre, Ike’s path has consistently taken an “anywhere for anyone” approach.

A write-up on NPR's All Things Considered says "The depth of subjects she tackles in her poetic lyrics are perfectly complemented by a unique blend of neo-soul, with just the right dash of pop...a truly compelling act to watch in person, with the ability to create an intimate setting in locations big and small."

Leaving her career as a publicist in 2008, Ike has since played hundreds of shows across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest. She has had the opportunity to share the stage with artists Jeffrey Gaines, Denison Whitmer, Deas Vail, Butterfly Boucher, Dwele, Chrisette Michele, Tyrone Wells, Najee, and Ken Whitely & The Levy Sisters to name a few.

Born to Nigerian immigrants, Joy Ike’s music, voice, and writing has drawn comparisons to female musicians such as Corinne Bailey Rae, Regina Spektor, Norah Jones, and Fiona Apple. But her percussive piano-playing and soaring vocals give homage to her African upbringing.

JAS Nature / 1PM

JAS NatureJohn Salvatore, aka JAS Nature, is a Jersey grown songwriter with a passion for music much greater than most. Since the age of 15, the guitar and a notebook have been as necessary as food and water. With well over 400 songs in his catalog and countless songwriting collaborations, he bridges gaps between many genres. "It's hard to say exactly where I fit - as in genres - I consider myself a folk/pop songwriter."

At an early age, he traveled the country with only a guitar and played venues from Jersey to Cali. Most of the time he slept on strangers' couches or on the bus while traveling to the next city. In those travels, JAS found his voice and his style of writing although - over the past few years, it's been changing.

The beginning of the year started with a studio project, nothing new for him as he has worked in dozens of studios from producing, songwriting and artist development. What makes this project different: JAS is recording his own songs - for himself. The album is due out soon and is highly anticipated by not only his fans, but the music community.



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